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Return Path Launches First Email Rendering Solution For Mobile Devices

They say people are addicted to their crackberries, and are checking their email while on the toilet and while driving. I am happy to say I am not one of these crazy people. I just use my laptop to post to our blog while I'm on the toilet.


We just learned that ReturnPath (they provide the rendering engine that powers our Inbox Inspector campaign previews and spamchecker) is adding mobile devices to their offering. Which is pretty friggin' awesome, BTW.

This means that soon, MailChimp customers can preview their campaigns on Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices (in addition to the 30-something other campaign previews).

How soon will this be available? Depends on demand from our customers. If demand is high, we'll add it to our Inbox Inspector. If demand isn't there, meh---we'll add it anyway, but later down the road. Nobody likes developing stuff that won't get used. Life's too short.

So if you're a MailChimp customer, please take our mobile device survey and tell us how badly you want this nifty new stuff. Log in and click the "survey" link in the News section of the MailChimp Dashboard. Thanks!

Psst...Speaking of email campaigns on mobile devices, here's how HTML email renders on Apple's iPhone

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