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National Retail Federation's Mothers Day Spending Survey

Time to get those Mother's Day email campaigns scheduled (oh yeah, and time to go get a gift for mom!).

The National Retail Federation says we're going to spend about $140 each this Mothers Day. Here's a snippet from their report:

According to the National Retail Federation's 2007 Mother's Day Consumer Actions and Intentions survey, consumers plan to spend $15.73 billion This Mother's Day, spending an average of $139.14 on the holiday compared to last year's $122.16.

The study found 84.5% of consumers plan to celebrate this year by spending:

  • $1.6 billion on clothes and accessories (37.0%)
  • $2.1 billion on jewelry (32.8%)
  • $2.3 billion on flowers (72.4%)
  • $3.1 billion on a special dinner or brunch at their favorite restaurant (61.0%)
  • $1.3 billion on a trip to the spa or beauty salon (19.7%)


If want all kinds of crazy research stats like this every single morning, sign up at MediaPost for their "Center for Media Research" list.

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