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Marketing Solutions For The Beleaguered Not-For-Profit

Marketing Columnist Alf Nucifora lists some practical advice for non-profits in, "Marketing Solutions For The Beleaguered Not-For-Profit.

Non-profits, charities, alumni associations, and political groups can use email marketing tools to invite their members to events, link to donation drives & online surveys, and deliver their newsletters.

Email won't replace your print campaigns 100%, but it can definitely cut down on costs. For example, if your database is composed of 10,000 recipients, and you want to send a printed newsletter to them once a month, the cost of printing the newsletter and mailing it to 10,000 recipients can run you over $4,000 (using some of the cheapest online printers out there). Compare that to about $100 using something like MailChimp to send an email newsletter.

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5 ideas for non-profits using MailChimp

Here are 5 quick ideas on how non-profits can use MailChimp...

  1. Send online surveys (to show you really care about your constituents' opinions. Then send the results in your next campaign)
  2. Send invitations to events (and track your opens and clicks)
  3. Send e-greetings and thank you notes to members (for attending events and making donations)
  4. Post links to online photo galleries from recent events (to drive traffic to your website)
  5. Send personal success stories (and anything else that would normally cost way too much to print and mail on a frequent basis)

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10 Tips for Email Campaigns

Diva Marketing Blog lists 10 quick tips for email marketing success, including the 40:40:20 rule, testing advice, landing pages, and call-to-action guidelines.

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Arthritis Walk

Af_walk05The MailChimp team joined the fun at this year's Arthritis Walk in Atlanta. It was great fun waking up at the crack of dawn (7am is the crack of dawn to most web developers) to go for a brisk, 3-mile walk. Note to self: next year, don't attend a 6-course dinner the night before the walk. You might not have arthritis, but you almost certainly know someone who does. If you'd like to get involved with the cause, check out the Arthritis Foundation website's event page. We plan on forming our own team for next year's walk, and perhaps working up the strength for their big Joints in Motion program one day.


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March of Dimes Charity Dinner

We're suckers for saving cute little babies. We recently helped our good friends at Pennhouse Productions send an email campaign promoting a March of Dimes "Dining Out to Save Babies" event. In turn, they invited us to the dinner! We enjoyed a 4-course dinner (plus a few surprise courses from the chef) at The Sun Dial restaurant on top of the Westin Peachtree Atlanta, then an after-dinner party at the Four Seasons. (ah, the perks of being an email service provider). If you live in the Atlanta area, sign up for Pennhouse's newsletters to find out when the next art, music, networking, and charity event's going to be.

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MailChimp Browser Stats

We figured since we built a browser-based application, that it should actually work on as many browsers as possible (none of that "Best on IE" crap here). So what are all the kids using these days?

Current browser stats on MailChimp by session:

  • Internet Explorer: 56.95%
  • Mozilla: 25.04%
  • Safari: 14.84%
  • Opera: 1.64%
  • Netscape: 1.23%

So nice to see Mozilla and Safari working their way up the stats. We saw a 2% drop in IE from last month, and a 1% gain each for Mozilla and Safari.

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Help Wanted: HTML Guru

We're looking for a part-time HTML guru. If you're in the Atlanta area and have that special x-ray vision where you can see the HTML code behind web pages (like Neo in the Matrix), contact us.

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Small Iowa ISP wins $1Billion Judgement Against Spammers

Nice story of how a small ISP with only 5,000 customers sued some spammers and won.

"CIS sued them using an Iowa antispam law that allows plaintiffs to claim damages of $10 per junk message...
And they used the federal Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, which Justice Dept. officials say is proving to be a useful tool in charging alleged cybercrooks"

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Make: New mag for dork-it-yourselfers

MailChimp's a tool for do-it-yourselfers, so we thought our audience would appreciate this link to O'Reilly's (sorta new) Make Magazine. It's an entire magazine devoted to building, hacking, and reverse-engineering stuff. We're all geeked out over here, because they link to stuff like how to turn a coffee mug into a ramjet.

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Open Rate Tips from California Wineries

Sherpa just re-posted a great article on how a California winery keeps their open rates above 50%. Love the bit about ladybugs bringing in $16,000 in sales---brilliant.

The article includes great advice on segmenting your list, send frequency, varying offers, and measuring campaign performance:

  • Keep the "from name" consistent across all campaigns
  • Segment your list into seperate audiences, like consumers, retailers, news/press, club members, etc.
  • Send different offers and campaigns to different audiences
  • Send to different audiences at different frequencies
  • Give subscribers things that non-subscribers can't get---make them feel special, so they spread the word (and your list grows)
  • Always start your subject line the same way (preferably with company name)
  • Track results per campaign, and per content type. Put your campaign stats in a spreadsheet, and measure performance of content, like articles vs. promos vs. news vs. advice, etc.

Read the article for more great tactics:

Key takeaways for our MailChimp users:

  • Keep your from name and the beginning of your subject lines consistent by using the "My Defaults" settings under your Account tab in MailChimp.
  • Take some time to segment your list into different audiences, then paste them into MailChimp as seperate campaigns. Store them into the handy MailChimp folders to keep them organized.
  • Make different newsletter templates, store them in a "Templates" folder, and "replicate" them for each new campaign
  • MailChimp automatically tracks all your results per campaign. And now we offer downloadable Excel files, so you can more easily create your own spreadsheets from campaign data and measure content effectiveness.

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