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Mozilla Firefox Usage at 8.45%

Just when you thought you only had to worry about one browser anymore, Mozilla Firefox and Safari sneak up from behind. reports Firefox usage at 8.45% now, with Safari at 1.21%. IE is still dominating at 87.28%, but it's losing its grip fast.

Here's the link:

Safari and Firefox is all we ever use these days. Microsoft's Internet Explorer is nothing but a B2B browser to us now---we only use it for sites that require ActiveX (or whenever we get the urge to download lots of viruses, spyware, and adware).

We wonder if the increasing popularity of Firefox will mean greater usage of Thunderbird, their email client. We've been experimenting with it lately (MailChimp testing), and so far it's been great. Here's a link to a past article we posted about Thunderbird and HTML email...


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2005: The Year of Simplicity

Here at MailChimp, we love simplicity. Three years ago, we set out to create a simple email marketing tool that was easy enough for a monkey to use. We didn't think it should take 10 steps and 20 screens just to get an email newsletter out to your recipient list. Why not get it all done in one simple screen?

It seems like everyone is simplifying these days: Delta has launched "Simplifares" to cut down on all their complicated change fees, overnight stay rules, and price levels. Apple (the simple experts) introduced the iShuffle, a cute little music player that makes it "simple to listen without looking". What about the Staples "Easy Button," which makes  running your business simple and easy. Hyundai (or is it Kia?) is promoting their "always simple, always friendly" SUV. Audi's recent A6 commercial says, "Simple is greater than complex". Blockbuster's simplifying their rules by dropping late fees (well, kind of).  The list goes on and on. Simple is the new new thing.

One of our competitors is even boasting a new tagline: "Email Marketing made simple" (Ahem, with all due respect, we don't think taking 30 minutes to an hour to send out a newsletter is "simple").

The point of all this? It looks like 2005 is going to be our year. MailChimp V2 is close to launching.  We're introducing great, powerful new features, all while making the interface even simpler and easier to use.

If you'd like to help us make sure MailChimp is the simplest, easiest to use email tool in the world, contact us here. We begin Beta testing V2 this Thursday, and we're looking for testers. Thanks!

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Problems at Hotmail

About 200,000 premium members of Microsoft's HotMail are experiencing problems accessing their accounts.

" The problems began Tuesday and were being resolved Friday, said Brooke Richardson, lead product manager for Microsoft's MSN online division. Richardson said the glitch was caused by a server problem, and that the system was not attacked."

This is only a small fraction of their 190 million accounts, but you might be experiencing open rate or deliverability issues as a result of this.

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